Reign Sanitary Napkins

All around the world, women are excited to experience Reign Sanitary Napkins. Reign pads are all natural, designed without harmful chemicals and fragrances. Reign pads are ultra thin, designed with a super soft top layer for all-day comfort, wings and high leakguards to prevent unwanted overflow accidents. Reign pads offer breathability to fight against unwanted moisture. Reign pads are infused with a Nobel Prize material "Graphene" which offers health benefits.The Graphene strip offers antibacterial properties to fight against bacteria growth. Reign has six variations: The Little Long Thong with wing tips, Ultra Thin Panty Liner for everyday use, Very Light Panty Liner with wings and light absorbency, Moderate Flow, Heavy Flow, and Super Heavy Overnight Flow. Finally her feminine flow has met its match.

  • Super Absorbent

    Absorbs over 10X more than traditional pads to keep you dry

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  • The Art of Innovation

    Air-laid design for extra protection against undesired leakage.

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  • Confidence and Comfort

    Reign pads are ultra thin, soft, super absorbent and design with high leakguards and wings.

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Customer Testimonial

"I love love Reign pads! They stay dry for a long time, they're comfortable and they don't move around! I wore them during a 14 hour drive to Florida and they kept me comfortable and dry. I did not notice any cramps. Thank you!"


Our Story

Reign was designed by women with all women in mind. We are committed to providing every woman a healthier option during their cycle. We believe access to healthy period care products are essential for every body! Women deserve to feel comfortable and dry during their cycle. Every woman is a QUEEN, who deserves to REIGN! 

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Our Goal

Our goal at Reign is to help you look as good as you feel. Our mission is to develop products and opportunities that give you the power to project the confidence that radiates from within.
Every women is a Queen who deserve to Reign!

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Healthy Lifestyle

Whatever your age, background or lifestyle, Reign provides you with products that will improve your life and your lifestyle.

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The Very Light Liner helps women to have comfort beyond their cycle. Whether you are working out and need a liner to help with sweat and moisture or through life changes when women need a liner to help with leakage from those cough, sneeze and laugh moments. The Very Light Liner has you covered with a small level of absorbency to keep you comfortable and dry.

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