Customer Testimonials

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  • You have no idea how appreciative I am for the super heavy flow and the broad design at the back. So I can sleep and twist and turn without anything leaking out.


  • I am amazed at how well your products work. I always had dry heaving nausea, pain that paralyzed me and tenderness with cramping and bleeding. I'm on day 3, usually my worst day and nothing. No discomfort or pain. I'm shocked! Thank you for your products.

    Elizabeth Foggie

  • This is my second cycle using a moderate flow pads. I am DRY and FRESH and HAPPY!!!!

  • Just tried your products for the first time. I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm a Honeypot girl so I was reluctant to try them, but my husband purchase them for me. My cramps did decrease significantly and the feeling of being dry is crazy! I kept patting myself down there to make sure it was there.

  • I love them so much!!!!! So so so so much, I have had no leaks and that says a lot, as I usually stay in my bed. Changing my diet has helped as well, but I can only imagine what changes will happen in the next 2 months coming.

  • So currently day 1 of my second cycle of using these products and somebody tell me why all day I've been scratching my head like yooooo, I'm like really not cramping as much as I normally would right now oh, let me write this observation down :-)


  • Love your products as well! There are three menstrating females under my roof including me. My youngest daughter said, "Mom, where did you get these? They're so comfy, I legit don't feel like I'm wearing one!" I'm about to place our second order. Thx!


  • I definitely felt different using your products. I was able to use all three that I ordered. From spotting to my actual cycle. That stink strip is the truth. I forgot that I was on my cycle. I did not feel gross nor was I tired like I usually am during that time. I don't even think I had any cramping.


  • I have to tell you, your pads are amazing! I was on my cycle for months, heavily, once I purchase and used your product, there was a dramatic change. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this. It has changed my mindset of it's impossible to it's possible.


  • I ordered them for my teenager (both 13) daughter and niece. My niece noticed after using them that she cramps less, and my daughter appreciated the fit, and I love that they are not full of toxins! They both make sure to tell me that it is time to order more. 
    Thank you!


  • Yes I will scream it from the mountaintops.
    I love this product! My cycle length has decreased by 2 days. Also, I haven't had to take aNY midol since I started using this product, the first time in 10 years!


  • I am no longer on my cycle due to a partial hysterectomy. I am still a WOMAN in need of a liner. I am in love with the Very Light Liners, I wear them everyday.  I exercise three days a week, whether cycling, walking or even outside in the garden, the liners help with any leakage or sweat to keep me dry. Thank you for creating such a super thin liner. 




  • I'm 12 years old. Before I started my cycle, my dad gave me Jewel pads to try out. I usually wear my pads on the week I think I'm about to start my cycle. On that week, I know specifically when my period is about to start when I start to have cramps. When I first started my period, I used the pads women normally wear. But since I wore the Jewel pads I couldn't tell when my period was about to start because I didn't feel any pain. I was shocked because I saw blood when I was going to the bathroom and that's when I was really amazed by the Jewel pads. My cycle was going on for 3 days and the pad was dry and move able, and not wet like the conventional pads that you buy on the market. I recommend using the Jewel pads to make all the women's lives more comfortable. I tell all my friends about Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins. I appreciate my dad giving me a more suitable pad and throwing out the other pads that are made out of garbage."


  • "The Jewel Pads are amazing and the graphene is just an added bonus. For 25 years I have been suffering in silence. I tried just about everything to ease the extreme cramps, fatigue, headaches, irritation, 7 day long heavy cycles, and emotional stress without any lasting benefits. Then, I tried the Jewel Graphene Sanitary Napkin. It literally changed my life. I have NO cramps now, No Fatigue, Balanced Emotions, and now my cycle is not heavy and only last 3 days now. My life doesn't have to stop just because my cycle is on like before. I stay cool, dry, and fresh. Plus, the pad is super thin! The pad is so comfortable that I forget that I have it on. Plus it stays in place. I have a peace of mind knowing that I am doing the best thing to support my well being with the benefits of these pads with the graphene. Plus, I can safeguard my daughter with these pads as well. In my opinion, these are the best pads out there. Thank you for creating these pads and making them accessible to everyone."


  • "Even though I heard that most of the products on the market cause us to bleed more because of all the chemicals in it...I'm still in shock that using the ones you gave me made me bleed less and completely shortened my period. I just got it Friday night and I already am pretty much done which is crazy. I've been having TERRIBLE periods for 10 years! On top of the endometriosis for the past couple years... this knowledge and these products is literally exactly what I always needed."


  • A friend gave me a sample of the pink pack of moderate flow, she only sampled me two of the pads. I was so satisfied with how comfortable and thin the pad felt I called her for information to order for myself. I definitely noticed the difference, I felt dry for a change and not irritated from my cycle and the store brand pad. I am so comfortable in going out when my cycle is down rather than staying inside during that time of the month. I feel I can enjoy life every day instead of carving out seven days of my life to know I cannot just enjoy normal activity.  

    Happy Customer 

  • "My name is Gloria. I use the Jewel Premium Sanitary pads Very Light Panty Liners on a daily basis. They are comfortable to the point I don't realize I have one on. I am secure, comfortable and free from odor. I also get all 4 varieties for my granddaughter. She is elated to have no leakage, no odor, no cramps, no moodiness or bloating when she is on her cycle. She can be active in sports again. I am so glad that we have our Jewel Premium Sanitary Pads for the young all the way to the Seasoned ladies."


  • "Let me tell you these are so great I always have really strong cramps & they went away I love these pads I'm buying some this week."


  • "So what can I say about these pad? One word: FANTASTIC! Not only are they actually comfortable to wear, they're AFFORDABLE! I was cautious of this at first because I have a heavy flow, but all of my doubts went away. I'm so happy I made this choice to try something new. (Also, this doesn't affect your pH balance so that's definitely a plus!)."


  • "I've been using Jewel and I love it! It does not even feel like I'm wearing anything, I can't even believe it and what's even more amazing is that I normally get really bad cramps on day one and no pain at all! Thank you for introducing me to Jewel!"


  • "This is my second month using the Jewel Pads and my cycle went from 7 days to 3.5 days. I'm so excited and thankful that you introduced me to such an amazing product. Oh and my flow was next to nothing. I need the world to know and understand the importance of having a product that can and will change for your life."


  • "I have been using this Jewel Panty Liners since I got them in June. I have had hot flashes since my early twenties. I has subsided the hot flashes tremendously. They are the right size & very comfortable! I am a committed customer!"


  • "In the middle of June, I wore the Jewel panty liners before my cycle came on. My cycle came on July 12th and it lasted until July 15th for that month!!! Normally, my cycle last about 10 days! These pads are very comfortable and absorb very nicely!! It also reduced my cramps!!"


  • "I'm very pleased with Jewel pads. There's no smell at all, even after a full day of wearing one. There are super comfortable. I tried the super heavy flow variety, and even being as large as they are, they were still comfortable. I'd definitely recommend the super heavy for anyone that has a problem with leaking. They cover a large area of a panty and are thin enough for day wear. In short, these are a great product! Thanks so much!"


  • "Just gave birth to this beautiful baby about a week ago and was blessed by my Aunt with these amazing Jewel Sanitary Napkins. I can honestly say that they have captured all the waste that's been built up in my body without mess or odor. I have NO CRAMPS at all and it doesn't feel like I have anything on oppose to those hospital pads and other brand that us ladies always wear. Another thing that's brilliant about these pads is it's made for US by US. Who better to create such a product than women. Thanks Auntie love you to the moon and back."


  • "Jewel is amazing. My husband bought some from a local distributor for me to try out. I wish I had these for the last 3 1/2 decades. Jewel is so comfortable I sometimes forget I am wearing one. My flow is very heavy and usually I am running to the bathroom every hour with the usual brands at retail stores. I have never felt so comfortable and relaxed during my menstrual flow my entire adult life. I will definitely tell family members and my girlfriends about Jewel. I am thinking about buying packs and giving them as gifts."


  • "My 12 year old just finished today with her cycle. No pain, No cramps and no blood clots, I could not believe it! She  experienced having her cycle a month before she turned 11'.  I've always had to give her medicine for her cycle. I am one Happy Mom. She normally would wear teen pads.  I ordered her the pink pack of Jewel and I ordered the black pack of overnight but I have not had a chance to use yet.   


    One Happy Mom 

  • "I just placed my first order and I am currently using them and these are the best pads I have ever used. I was growing increasingly dissatisfied with other brands and also tried a few organic pads but there was always issues with fit, absorbency or leakage. These pads are so comfortable, fit so well... I love that they are wider with wings, they stay put, I could go on and on. I am so happy and grateful  kept searching. I am always concerned with finding a long enough pad for overnight but yours were long!   

  • "I loved the Jewel pads! They stay dry for a long time, they're comfortable and they don't move around! I wore them during a 14 hour drive to Florida and they kept me comfortable and dry. I did not notice any cramps. Thank you!"