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Little Long Thong

Little Long Thong


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The Reign "Little Long Thong" panty liner offers protection and comfort all-day long. The "Little Long Thong" liner is discreet and designed to perfectly fit thong underwear. The Reign Thong liner provides you with confidence in whatever' you decide to wear. The Thong liner is secure with stay-in place discreet wings, end to end adhesive for a no shifting fit along with a light level of absorbency for light leakage, moisture, unexpected periods, light days and all-day freshness.

Reign Premium Sanitary Napkins and liners innovative design offers a "Nobel Prize" material Graphene strip. This may provide health benefits to potentially help with circulatory health, cell activity and metabolic health. 

In addition, the liner may help with harmful bacteria growth. We recommend purchasing our models based on your feminine flow type to best meet its match. Ladies, be discreet and "keep it cute" by wearing the Little Long Thong with your thong underwear.

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Reign Sanitary Napkins has a 3-dimensional layer, and leak guard sides for extra protection against leakage.

The Nobel Prize winning Graphene material contains vibrational energy with many benefits.